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Review By Mom

Making Ends Meet tells the beautiful story of Somer and Harry Halligan, brought together by intervention of friends and relatives, not knowing what all live-changing impact their encounter would bring.

They both have had their share in life when it comes to grief, loss, feelings of disappointment in love. And above all, they both share a strong feeling of guilt and responsibility for what happened tot hem and to the people they love.

This makes them very reluctant and hesitant when it comes to opening up to someone else and for love.

Anna Clifton describes perfectly and with such beautiful prose how the main characters feel. The dialogues between all the characters in the book are heartwarming and contain such a lot of wisdom. Even Harry’s 7 year old daughter is extremely clever when it comes to relationships, honesty… You immediately feel familiar and sympathizing with Harry, his children and Somer.

It’s a moving story, romantic and not at all cheesy; I loved to read it. Once started it’s hard to put the book down.

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