AusRom Today's Hump Day Hunk with Anna Clifton

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Hump Day Day Hunk with Anna Clifton

He’s a high profile artist, a single dad, and although he won’t admit it – in desperate need of a nanny to sort out his home life.

But is Harry Halligan what you’d call a hunk?

Even after their first meeting, Somer can’t really say for sure.

TALL? Undoubtedly, although leaning on that walking cane’s doing nothing for his posture.

SEXUALLY ATTRACTIVE? Absolutely, if you’re a woman who enjoys being growled at in a father-bear-protecting-his-cubs kind of way.

WELL-BUILT? Seems to be, but it’s hard to tell under all those hobo clothes.

Not that Somer actually cares about Harry’s wardrobe, or his hunk rating. Within hours of starting as his nanny she’s counting down the days till she can escape his home that’s as broken as her last one was.

There’s just one problem.

Harry keeps being…well…Harry.

Not only is he a gorgeous father.

Apparently, behind that growling, father bear exterior, there lies the most dangerous hunk of all – the kind that turns up in your heart before you even know he’s heading in that direction.

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