Review: Making Ends Meet by Anna Clifton

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Making Ends Meet is the latest book from Australian author Anna Clifton. I was fortunate enough to receive an early copy of this title from the author.

Though this book is a standalone, this book is connected to her others characters that have made an appearance so far and is set in the same world . I love how it has worked out and enjoy the familiarity that these stories bring when I dive into one of her books. So going back to her previous book New Year’s Promise were introduced to Harry as one of the heroine’s older brothers and one of the secondary plot lines was involving him as he dealt with his health issues and his ex-wife Freya which his sister Ellie was furious about

Well this book continues on from those events. Harry has now recovered somewhat but he needs help and fast. His two delightful children need a nanny whilst he gets his family life back on track and deal with Freya his ex-wife.

Enter Somer who has been volunteered to help Harry by her well meaning step cousin Sara who is friends with Harry and believes that he needs to find someone else and doesn’t believe Harry should waste his time. Somer doesn’t want the job , she does want to get caught up in his troubles after her past .

However Harry is stubborn and determined to get the picture that he painted in his head and isn’t keen either so when a series of events lead them to agreeing to the last thing they both want.. We know we are in for a rocky road to happiness even though Harry still got his heads up in the cloud and Somer is not exactly happy. It for the kids though but it soon becomes apparent that this set up may work out alright as they are right for each other and give the HEA we are waiting for .

Thrown in a ex –wife and family and we got a signature heart warming tale I have come to expect from this author. They always are not perfect but created flawed perfectly and it is always a beautiful story to be found in one of her books.

Each time I read one of her books I say the previous has topped it and once again it has . I love when Clifton’s books included children Hello anyone, remember Adam’s Boys so I loved having the characters of Rosie and Nelson. These two are quite entertaining especially Rosie. She is definitely wiser then her young years and she cause chaos from the beginning . You won’t forget the opening scene which has probably become my favourite. Such creativity and nails it so perfectly

As with her other books so far, it only took me a matter of hours to finish the book, as I love reading her books and they are always a must read for me. If anything it makes the wait so much sweet and longer for the next book. I can’t wait to see who story is next and how it will be connected.

Rating: 5 couples

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