Review of Vision in White By Nora Roberts

This was my first Nora Roberts read, one which I picked up out of curiosity more than anything else. I chose it because it seemed to be the most popular of her books according to Goodreads and I thought it would best represent her writing. I'm still not sure if it does represent her well as I'd always imagined her characters and plots to be much more colourful, so perhaps I'll have to read on. Vision in White was a warm-hearted love story/romance about Mack, a wedding photographer, and Carter, an English professor. There was no alpha male/sassy female dynamic happening here. Both characters were calm, reasonable and considerate of each other's feelings from page one. I enjoyed that. The conflict between them was pretty chilled too, not really rising above some ongoing life problems Mack was dealing with due to her selfish, neglectful, spoilt mother - not such an unusual situation in this day and age. Vision in White is a very well written, easy romance/love story about two likeable people who seem destined to be happy with each other if Mack can overcome her initial doubts about commitment. But if you're looking for a page turner, this is not the book to turn to. Its focus is as much upon Mack's steady relationship with her three best friends (and co-workers in the business) - the 'girls can do anything if they stick together' feel is a powerful driver of this book. It also explores in intricate detail all aspects of the wedding planner business within the wealthier echelons of American society. Unfortunately this didn't interest me and I found the long descriptions of flowers, photography, dresses and cakes hard work. But I'm in the minority here, I'm sure. A recommended read, particularly if you're looking for a laid back, mellow love story featuring a thoroughly likeable couple.

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