Wanting Mr Wrong by Avril Tremayne


Phew! After reading some wonderful but heavy mainstream fiction lately, Avril Tremayne’s ‘Wanting Mr Wrong’ was a welcome change.

Evie and Jack’s ‘new adult’ story took me back to a time of life when floundering around in work and relationships is the norm, and trying to get your head around a long term commitment to another person is a daunting prospect.

Chapter one throws us straight into Evie Parker’s story. She’s fresh out of uni and (I think) in her first job, trying to work out what she wants and needs to do with her life as she recovers from a terrible relationship with a journalist who publicly broadcasted intimate details of their time together. Evie is fun, warm-hearted and well intentioned, but badly afflicted by hang-ups about commitment, particularly with any guy who might drag her into the public eye again.

Enter Jack. Although this is not a friends-to-lovers trope, this world famous celebrity and brother of her BGF, has been lurking on the peripheries of her life for a while now. And unbeknownst to her, he’s been admiring her from a distance all along.

With her last broken relationship now lying several respectable months in her past Jack finally strikes. But despite the crackling attraction Evie’s not interested in wading into anything romantic, especially not with Jack. Lucky for her, good guy Jack Stevens doesn’t give up easily, distracting Evie from her A-type personality baggage long enough for her to glimpse what might be possible between them, despite the glare of the public eye that will follow them whilst ever Jack continues to carry the celebrity sex appeal that he’s presently carrying.

‘Wanting Mr Wrong’ is a well written, galloping and often hilarious romp through a month or so of the lives of a group of mid-twenty somethings. I really enjoyed their story as they grappled with the tensions between who they are and what others expect them to be, and what they wish for versus their fears of becoming entrapped in something they might not be able to escape from should it all go wrong.

Highly recommended for readers who love a light-hearted, NA romantic comedy.

*Thanks to Netgalley and Random House for supplying a review copy*

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