Yes Chef by Lisa Joy


*a copy of this book was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review* ‘Yes Chef!’ is a fun rollercoaster ride through the lives of a group of best girlfriends in various degrees of career, friendship, love and/or mothering crisis. I felt as though I was right there in each scene with them, probably because the first person/present tense writing offered a mood of romping spontaneity throughout the story that was perfect for each of these spontaneous girl characters. This is a terrific debut novel from Lisa Joy. I enjoyed everything about it, from the quirky cover, the cute chapter names, the appallingly inappropriate celebrity chef boss, the hilariously accident-prone-in-all-things-to-do-with love-Becca, and every one of her outrageous and irreverent best friends. Lisa Joy’s account of new millennium angst was funny and emotional and yet refreshingly unsentimental. I loved that she just ‘told the story’ and left the reader almost completely free to make up their own mind about Becca and her friends. I also loved that not every ‘loose end’ was tied up (as it never is in life) and yet you were left with a feeling of optimism that this likeable group of twenty/thirty-something women would somehow be the winners in their crazy working life rat races. Oh, and I loved the ‘postcards’ from Florence, Istanbul and London and the mouth-watering run down of each wonderful meal! A really fun read.

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