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If you're interested in learning a little more about me then I can help you with that here too, although I'm never quite sure what to say in these 'about me' bits. 

On thinking back on how I came to be writing romance novels, I realised that I've held down more than fifty jobs in my life so far. They've ranged from scooping ice-creams, to selling glow sticks, to stumbling around in a container ship on absurdly impractical 3-inch heels, trying to work out who's legally responsible for contaminating an entire cargo of Swiss chocolate. If nothing else, my ‘interesting’ working life and the wonderful characters I've met along the way have been great 'copy'; it was inevitable they'd demand creative exposure in some shape or form eventually. 

My fascination with the romance novel itself first unfolded when I was staying on a friend’s outback cattle station; I just happened to pick one up from her big sister's bookshelf. As a fourteen-year-old reader I instantly fell in love with its passion, its just-for-the-hell-of-it fun and its unbridled HEA optimism. Many years later, as a writer, I would come to love the scope that the genre offers for exploring the endless mystery around why we feel, think and behave as we do – a special focus in my stories about love, friendship and family.

I currently live in Sydney in an often too-small house with my husband and three children and our two spoilt-rotten cats. Our ‘adopted’ pets, a permanently randy alpha-male Brush Turkey and several roof-dancing possums, share our bush gully backdrop.
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